“My destination is no longer a place, but a new way of seeing.” -Marcel Proust

Through coaching conversations and the use of insightful tools and assessments to identify core values, communication styles, and strengths, you will gain awareness and the ability to apply these insights to your everyday personal and professional life.

Why coaching?

Being a physician or professional in our highly connected age is fraught with many new challenges. In addition, many professionals are hard-driving perfectionists, a personality type that contributes to daily pressure, stress, and anxiety. Sound familiar?

Shame and stigma unfortunately prevent many people from seeking help. But coaching actually provides a safe place for you to find an improved sense of well being.

Coaching can be done in an office, while taking a walk, or via phone or Zoom. I am happy to use the format that works best for you.

What coaching is not:

A coach is not a therapist, advisor, or mentor, nor is coaching involved in remedial or disciplinary action. Instead, coaching provides an evidence-based path forward when life gets too complicated to navigate alone.

Impromptu Coaching Sessions

This is a one-time conversation, although follow-up conversations are possible if we agree they would be helpful. These conversations are typically 45 minutes.


Short Arc Coaching Sessions

These are focused programs lasting for 1-3 months, usually every two weeks, working towards goals such as improving patient or customer experience, embodying your core values, better communication, warmer collegiality, greater career resilience, and many more depending on the client’s goals. We will use coaching tools such as a Client Inventory, Values Alignment, the DISC Evaluation for Communication Styles, and others tailored to the client. Short arc programs are a great way to learn a lot about yourself.

6 Sessions – $550

12 Sessions – $1000

* A sliding scale is available for all coaching sessions and coaching program