What are values? Values are fundamental beliefs that help guide us in life through attitudes and actions. They can be our motivation in life. Everyone has a set of values. If we live by them, a sense of peace and fulfillment is attained. When not aligned with our values, there is a sense of conflict or discomfort that can affect purpose and meaning in our lives. Recognizing this is a decisive step in redirecting our personal and work lives to reflect our values more clearly and consistently.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Try going through the list above and pick out your five most important values (and if a value that is important to you isn’t there, you can add it). Go through your list of five values and think about how these align with your life, professionally and personally. Are there prominent areas where the life you currently lead is not aligned with your values? Are there ways you could make changes so that your life and values are synced more closely? I wonder what insights come up for you? As a coach, I like to do this exercise with most clients early on so they can begin to redirect their lives toward a more fulfilling path reflected by their values and behavior. Clients see where they were off track and why; and how to regain a sense of purpose and peace when their values are front and center and can serve as a guiding light.

If interested in clarifying your values, please get in touch with me below. I would love to partner with you to discuss your values and aspirations.